Feb 21, 2012

Malaysia, this is your Wake Up Call.

UPDATED POST February 22, 2012

CEO of TalentCorpMsia reading our memorandum

Wake Up Call Malaysia Team presents the memo to the CEO of Talent Corp, Mr. Johan Merican, on this magical worldwide day of action 21.2.12! This is a memo comprises the causes of brain drain, constructive recommendations, policy changes, etc., documented from over 500 voices abroad! Talent Corp finds it insightful to them, and we have got their encouragement to carry this on and to even a greater height!


Have you seen Wake Up Call Malaysia posters lately on your news feed and wonder what it has to do with you?

Yes, Wake Up Call Malaysia is fighting brain drain issue but what tangible impact it can really bring? Will our voice be heard?

I’m not surprised if these questions come across in your mind. We should ask these questions and make sure our action is effective and worthwhile.

Let me tell you why you should be part of this Wake Up Call Malaysia movement.

The first step toward change is awareness.

Change starts when someone sees the next step.

Today on 21.2.12,  40,000 people has  decided to send a #wakeupcall message to the world!

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. Your simple message to the authorities and public can definitely makes a difference.


So, what actually is this Wake Up Call movement?

The Wake Up Call is a peaceful, global action for positive change that will take place on the 21st of February 2012 (21.2.12). It will seek to create simultaneous action in over 120 countries under the same message: this is a Wake Up Call. 

Back in Malaysia – our Wake Up Call is to battle Brain Drain.

Brain Drain touches upon the core of Malaysia’s aspiration to become a high-income nation. Human capital is the bedrock of the high-income economy. For Malaysia to stand success in its journey to high income, we will need to develop, attract and retain talent.

However, our talents seem to be leaving. A recent report by World Bank showed that 2 out of 10 Malaysian graduates will leave our country. If this scenario prolongs, it will be very hard for Malaysia to achieve its vision 2020.

Therefore, Wake Up Call Malaysia aims to help the related government authorities like Talent Corp, Public Service Department and PEMANDU to resolve this problem.

We aim to survey 1,000 Malaysian diaspora and scholars abroad to find out the root of the problem and get their input on how Malaysia can turn brain drain to our favor. We will then compile our findings along with constructive recommendations and present it to related government officials on the day 21.2.12 all by the collective power of youth.



Have you ever joined a campaign where thousands of youths send the same message to the same person on the same day?

We are going to launch a humongous tweet campaign to the CEO of Talent Corporation Malaysia – Johan Mahmood Merican on 21.2.12. to urge him to look into our memorandum. This will be a solid solution-based memorandum as a result of our two-week survey http://wakeupcallmalaysia.com/survey/ and interview with experts in this area on how to address Malaysia’s brain drain issue.

Imagine a thousand of us, flooding his twitter account, with the same message, on the same day. It may be easy to ignore a singular petition that might have thousands of signatures, it is much more difficult to ignore 1,000 tweets arriving at your twitter account at the same time that is made public. Behold the power of the youth. 

TWEET this message:

@TalentCorpMsia We, the Malaysian youths, care about the brain drain in our country and demand you to peruse the report prepared by us.

Please follow the Talent Corp Malaysia twitter user for this moment. https://twitter.com/#!/TalentCorpMsia

The report will be made downloadable after Feb 21, 2012. More information about Wake Up Call movement can be found at www.wakeupcallmalaysia.com

Wake them up, Malaysians!

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