May 11, 2011

Best Pizza in Georgetown – Yummy!

There’s one Chinese phrase – “食色性也” – which means Foods, Lust, Sex are basic needs.

This is very true and stated clearly in Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. Hahhhh.

Talk about foods – I’m blessed to live in Penang which is a food heaven. You don’t have to worry whether there’s food to eat but make sure your stomach can fill them in.

Do you like Pizza? Not some ordinary Pizza but a special one!

This Wood Fired Pizza at Sin Kim San Coffee Shop along Macalister Road Penang – is simply delicious and mouth-watering!

You’ll be greeted by a warm smile by Madam Lee & his husband – The Pizza Masters who’ve been keep improving the recipe to satisfy customer needs over the past 7 years. She is very friendly and speaks eloquently in good English – this business is just for pension purposes after retired from Intel.

10 different Pizzas for you to choose and the small size starts at RM 8.

This is the best part of it.

Madam Lee’s husband skillfully baked the pizza and not even a single bit of it was burnt!

1 Pizza at a time and it takes 10 – 15min for a perfect Pizza – This is what we call as Quality Management!

Therefore a lot of customers pre-book it through calling or takeaway.

See, this golden crispy Hawaiian Pizza which I ordered!

It was pure delicious, thick and the crust was just nice! The texture was just right and soft enough inside! Best part still is the cheese which makes you crave for more!

It tasted not the same as the flavorful Pizza outside. Maybe this’s the difference between wood fire Pizza and an oven baked one?

It’s so far the best Pizza I tried in Georgetown and yes, a lot of tourists from Singapore and even Shanghai came all the way for it!

How to go there?

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May 10, 2011

What Business Schools Don’t Really Teach

What makes us different? – Robert Kiyosaki the Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

A simple yet powerful question.

Do you want to live the life you want or a mediocre lifestyle?

If you want a desired lifestyle, you must know the rules.

Business schools don’t really teach these knowledges.

And many people confuse of what exactly is income, expenditures, asset and liability (although they look simple)

This is why scenario of “no work – no pay, even work just enough to pay” happens.

Income and expenditures are easy to understand.

But not assets and liabilites.

Is your home an asset or liability? Yes and No.

Yes if it’s located in good location and value appreciating, or u can get rental fee out of it.

No if you don’t earn a penny from the home but paying your monthly income for it.

However too many middle-class spend their income in expenditures and liabilities like fancy “toys”.

Rich thinking – work hard to acquire assets which pay for liabilities.

For example, you have $100,000 cash. A home costs $80,000 and generates $800 monthly rental for you. A new car costs $80,000 and doesn’t generate any income to you. If you buy the $80,000 car in cash, that’s it. You left $20,000 but the car wouldn’t earn you any return.

However, if you use $80,000 to buy the house ($800 monthly rental income) and $20,000 for car down payment (monthly installment $500),  you actually gain $300. (Don’t take interest rate of installment into consideration)

The amazing thing is when you finish the car installment, you’ll enjoy a higher return of $800 per month.

This is a simple concept of why we must use income to buy asset which can pay off liabilities.


This is what Financial Freedom meant to me:

“When your monthly passive income is higher than your total monthly expenses & enough to achieve your desired living standard. You don’t even have to work at all. Your money will do the work and assets will actually pay for ALL expenses and liabilities.”

But of course, it is not easy.

1. How to get the $ to buy the asset?

2. Which asset is worth to buy?

So many still have to start from rat-race in the beginning, unless we have ideals like Mark Zuckerberg’s or born with silver spoon.

But again, it’s our choice. 10% or 90% as displayed above?

We choose it.


May 8, 2011

Welcome to


Welcome to my new website!

Finally I’ve put something up on this domain which owned many months ago.

WordPress & domain hosting are completely strangers for me, will be very happy if you can share with me some tips & tricks :P

You may read my stories over the past 4 years at

Stay tuned for more!


p/s: Less is more, simple is elegance =)

Welcome to this simple yet awesome blog.



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